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Professional Consultation

Other Charges

Cancellations and Missed Appointments: A 24-hour advance notice is required for cancellations.  If you cancel less than 24 hours before your appointment, or do not show for a scheduled appointment, you will be charged up to the FULL FEE for that session. These charges are not covered by insurance.

A $35 charge will be due for all returned checks.

Adolescent/Teen Counseling
The teenage years can be a difficult time. Teens experience a roller coaster of emotions as they encounter experiences for the first time. When faced with additional hurdles, such as divorce or blending families, teens may need help understanding and processing those feelings. It is important all teenagers have at least one trusted adult they can talk to during difficult times. Counseling is a way to provide your teen with an outlet, open doors of communication and help your teen develop tools for building and maintaining lasting relationships.

Individual Counseling
Whether you are trying to gain a better understanding of yourself, heal from past experiences, or figuring out how to move forward and find happiness in your life, individual counseling can help. The therapeutic process is a time to gain insight into your core beliefs and desires and work with a professional to come up with a plan of how to make your goals into reality.

Family Counseling
Family counseling may include a parent and a child, siblings, or it may include all members of the family. Family counseling can be particularly useful during divorce, remarriage (blending families), to facilitate co-parenting, or simply to help build communication between parents and children.

Pre-Marital Couples Counseling
Dr. Oloumi-Johnson offers Pre-Marital/Couples counseling through a program called Prepare/Enrich. The Prepare/Enrich program includes a multi-question test that partners complete individually at home.  Immediately following the completion of assessments, electronic reports are sent to Dr. Oloumi-Johnson.  The results are reviewed in couples therapy sessions throughout a 8-16 week period.  The program is designed to help couples better understand how their family of origin has affected their outlook on relationships and provides couples with the opportunity to discuss areas that may potentially become issues. The major areas covered range from finances, in-laws, children, sexual satisfaction, lifestyle/hobbies and more.  Don't panic, this test is not designed to judge your relationship compatibility. This assessment is designed to provide insight into your partner's mindset based on their upbringing and outlook on relationships.  Couples can be proactive in creating a happy marriage by addressing growth areas in couples therapy.  Prepare/Enrich is offered in either a non-denominational format or Christian based format.  This program will satisfy the requirements of premarital therapy as required by most catholic churches prior to marriage. Certificate available upon completion.
Psychological Testing
Psychological testing is available for both children and adults ages 14 and up. Although some clients attend therapy for common life situations, others may suspect their issues involve more. Diagnosing can help in treatment planning and provide clients with a better understanding of underlying issues. Results are reviewed with clients during therapy sessions. Clients are provided with a copy of their personal psychological assessment results.


Fee Schedule 

Individual Session (50-53 Minutes): $150

Couples/Family Session (50-53 Minutes): $175

Psychological Testing: $350-$550

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